Independence, Inyo County, California

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This is a brief description of the services provided in Independence.

Automobile Repairs



bulletValley Market Store (Chevron)
bulletIndependence Shell

Legal Services

bullet Law Office of Kirk K. Livermont (760) 878-2401
Practice limited to estate planning.

Lodging  (Lodging Map)

Information from Independence Chamber of Commerce (July 13 , 2004)
All are located in Independence, CA 93526

bulletIndependence Courthouse Motel
157 N. Edwards Street. (Hwy 395)
(760) 878-2732 or (800) 801-0703
[9 rooms; TV and phone; across from Inyo County Courthouse]
bulletMt. Williamson Motel
515 S. Edwards Street (Hwy 395)
P.O. Box 128
(760) 878-2121
[8 rooms (cottages); recently renovated; TV; 5 blocks from Courthouse]
bulletOnion Valley Motel and Expresso house

bulletRay's Den Motel  
405 N. Edwards Street (Hwy 395)
P.O. Box 66
(760) 878-2122
[Clean Rooms -- Queens -- Air Conditioned -- Cable TV -- Complimentary Coffee 8 rooms; TV and phone; close to Dehy park and Independence Creek]
bulletWilder House Bed and Breakfast (760) 878-2119 
(Closed due to fire)
bulletWinnedumah Hotel
211 N. Edwards Street (Hwy 395)
P.O. Box 147
(760) 878-2040
[24 rooms; Bed and Breakfast Inn across from Courthouse;
Extended continental breakfast; TV and phone available;
Large Lobby/lounge and patio; dinner available on request] 


bulletValley Market Chevron / Convenience store at Chevron station. (760) 878-2169
bulletMairs Market (760) 878-2169 (Closed -- for sale)
bulletIndependence Shell & Mini Mart (760) 878-2172

Restaurants/Cafes/Eating Places

bulletAberdeen Resort (760) 938-2663 (Closed)
bulletPines Cafe  (760) 878-9907 (Closed)
bulletSubway (760) 878-2023
bulletStill  Life Cafe

Sporting Goods

bulletIndependence Shell and Mini Mart

Other Services

bulletEastern Sierra News Service (760) 878-2381
536 N. Edwards St.
bulletHair I Am! -- by -- Albert   (Closed)
bulletSequoia Kings Pack Trains (760) 387-2797

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the Law Offices of Kirk K. Livermont

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